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Welcome to our sacred journey of exploration and enlightenment! Embark on a transformative pilgrimage to connect with living Siddhars and Jeevasamadhis, as we endeavor to preserve their profound knowledge and share it with seekers and enthusiasts. Our organization is dedicated to spreading awareness about the ancient wisdom encapsulated by Siddhars and the sanctity of Jeevasamadhis. Join us on this spiritual expedition, where the cost of transportation is kept to a minimum, and the organization of the trip is entirely free. Devotees have the option to either avail of the arranged transportation at a nominal fee or choose to accompany us with their own vehicles. The primary aim is to make the knowledge of Siddhars and Jeevasamadhis accessible to all, fostering a deeper connection with these revered beings. Come, be a part of this sacred journey, immerse yourself in the teachings of the Siddhars, and experience the tranquility of Jeevasamadhis. Let the wisdom of these ancient souls inspire and guide you on your path to spiritual awakening.

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